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Is IAS really the most difficult exam to crack?

How easy or difficult a paper is, is directly proportionate to the level of preparation of a candidate. The same is true for IAS also. The hype surrounding the IAS exam makes candidates jittery and they start reading whatever comes there way without even knowing whether a particular thing is relevant for there exam or not. Two decades back the biggest problem that any IAS aspirant had to face was lack of material and guidance in the market, today the biggest problem faced by any IAS aspirant is too much of material / guidance available in the market. So it becomes very important that one should exactly know: What to read? , From Where to read? & How much to read?

If one tries to read even 20% of the material that is available in the market, The preparation becomes a five year plan. That’s where a good institute can help you. At NIRVANA IAS ACADEMY, we have evolved a new method for this; we call it the IRPO [Intensive Research and Practice Oriented] method.

What is IRPO?

The biggest problem that any IAS aspirant faces during his preparation is time management and most of the time goes, in researching what to study?, from where to study? & how much to study, For example there is a 600 page book available in the market but there are only 30-40 pages in that book that is worth your attention, but you end up reading the entire book twice, may be thrice and in the process end up wasting a lot of time. That is where a good institute can help you.
At NIRVANA, we do all the research for you and you get in class what you ought to read and hence you end up saving a lot of time. Then we use that time in practice by conducting regular tests, answer writing practice and guess papers. That’s why IRPO gives you the edge .

Personalised Coaching

At NIRVANA we take only 60-70 students in a batch, so that each student gets personalized attention. This is possible only in small batches. We maintain a performance chart of every student, so that we can identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. This gives every student at Nirvana the best opportunity to crack the exam. That’s why we say that IAS is not the most difficult exam to crack.


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