AIR-74, CSE-2013

Any success, seldom, comes as a sole work. It is mostly outcome of teamwork. So, is my success. It is a product of combined hard work of me & my teachers at Nirvana, nevertheless, the guidance and strategy was solely theirs. Joining Nirvana was the best step; I took towards my dream of becoming a civil servant. Before joining it, while doing self study, I was so lost most of times, in forming the strategy, but after coming here, I was never bothered about my study plans because my teachers did that work for me. They, so much streamlined my preparation. Constitution and law classes by Karam Sir, while teaching Geography, makes one visualize whole world in front of eyes and makes it learning so easy and interesting.

Ruby ma’am makes sure that every student does extensive practice of CSAT, and no portion is left without rigorous practice and testing. Whole atmosphere of Nirvana makes one feel like at home. They act like teachers, mentors, guide and friends. One can discuss all his/her doubts with teachers any time. They try to remove all one’s doubts, fears and apprehensions to the best of their ability. Having said that, the material given in institute, being unconventional, is immensely helpful. The testing sessions are regular and extensive and are evaluated with great attention. I didn’t think such amount of personal attention and guidance is possible anywhere else. I think joining Nirvana was one of the best decisions, I made in my life. I urge that all those who are serious about civil services examination and understand that it is an era of smart and systematic work, should definitely consider Nirvana family to guide them to path of success.