AIR-2 CSE 2013

I owe my success to the guidance and unswerving support I got at Nirvana IAS Academy. The aspirants often find themselves at crossroads of never-ending notes and aimless allied material. Au contraire, the tradition at Nirvana is to challenge your abilities so that you push the envelope and lay down the road that you feel can comfortably be travelled by you, for there is no single way to succeed at UPSC.

Brainstorming sessions with Karam sir helped more than all the material we went through. Karam sir can give monologues on law and current affairs just the same way one names the alphabets. Ruby ma’am made sure that even those who were relatively good at CSAT had some yardstick to improve themselves.

I urge all serious aspirants to consider Nirvana over the other run-of-the-mill institutions.