AIR-156 CSE-2013

   I consider myself fortunate to be part of Nirvana IAS Academy. It was not a planned decision to join the institute but it happened to be one. When I started to prepare for Civil Services on my own in January 2013, along with my Ph.D., just like any other aspirant I subscribed to ‘The Hindu’ newspaper. The day I got first copy of ‘The Hindu’, I saw advertisement of Nirvana IAS Academy. There was mention of weekend batch and free seminar which enticed me to give it a shot. Before attending the seminar I was planning to give CSE-2014 but after attending the seminar my whole perception changed about the examination. The best part of Nirvana IAS Academy is that they don’t project this exam bigger than life.

The self belief that was induced after seminar was biggest factor that helped me clear this exam. I had a mental block that at least one year is required for Prelims preparation but now when I look back, I am filled with gratitude that I was able to attain this feat in 9-10 months including the whole process of preparation, Prelims and Mains.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of preparation and examination. I can’t think of substitute to classroom study. It made me think out of the box and instilled wisdom to look at various dimension of any issue. The informal and encouraging atmosphere in the class made me comfortable to ask even the most naive questions. Considering that I was from a science background, there were many social issues I was completely unaware of but teachers at the institute made a point that no one is assumed to know something and every topic was taken from its foundation. This special focus on foundation of every subject and keeping infinite space for discussion played a game changing role in my preparation.

I can’t imagine or heard of any other institute where teachers are so concerned for personal & professional growth of students. I could always find teachers by my side through every thick & thin, that is why I consider Nirvana Academy as my extended family.

I would recommend every aspirant to give himself a chance by joining the institute. If I could crack CSE with so little time at my disposal then anyone else can also do. I believe that all one need to have is self belief and right guidance.