AIR-42 CSE-2014

It would be an understatement to say that I owe my success in the civil services examination to the support and guidance of Nirvana IAS Academy. Looking at the results, it made me think about my journey of over two years along with Nirvana that led me to achieve my dream of becoming an IAS officer.

I joined Nirvana in July 2012 during my final year of graduation and I was unsure and confused about the nature of the preparation that this exam demands. The whole issue of managing my final year studies along with Law as an optional that is quite different from my academic background had me on the back foot in the initial stage. However the guidance and support I received at Nirvana made me believe in my abilities and pushed me to improve myself to cross the final hurdle.

At Nirvana, the focus was not on reading endless study material that is perennially available on the market. With the aid of limited material, the faculty encouraged us to think for ourselves and develop a better understanding of the world around us. The underlying theme was that of an interdisciplinary-approach towards the exam, for example in economy and foreign policy. Karam Sir with his astute understanding of law and current affairs helped me perceive the world much better and his discussion sessions formed the core of my preparation. Ruby Ma’m instilled confidence in my problem-solving aptitude but also took care to not let me be overconfident and emphasized on consistent practice as the mantra for CSAT. Finally Wadhwa Sir was insistent upon viewing history not as a monolith but as diverse perspectives by different authors which enabled us to form a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of historical events and processes.

Finally what makes Nirvana distinct from other institutes is the steadfast and firm support of the faculty and staff. As friend, philosopher and guide, they always had faith in my ability and potential even when I had serious doubts myself. It is to the credit of the unshakeable support of my family, friends and Nirvana that I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a civil servant.