AIR-262, CSE-2019

I, Varun Singhal, AIR-262, CSE-2019 is debited to Nirvana IAS Academy for their support and guidance in my preparation for Civil Services Examination.

They have constantly helped me since 2015 in my journey of civil services. Not only did they guide me for the academic side of this exam but also for the psychological side of the exam, where the aspirant faces difficulties and challenges. Karam Sir, in this respect, has supported during all my failures. Such support at the time of failures is needed to push you up and ahead in this journey.

Nirvana, strives to develop overall personality and attitude of a person to be good civil servant and not just an ordinary civil servant.

I still cherish and remember my discussions on history with Wadhwa Sir. Philosophical engagements with both Karam Sir and Wadhwa Sir, which helps us in better understanding of the world around. Open houses conducted at Nirvana helps us in better reading of newspaper and developing skills to sieve un-important news, focusing on what is needed.

Finally, the preparation for interview also is tremendously different and better than other institutes. The whole staff at Nirvana also supports the aspirant for this journey.