AIR-189, CSE-2019

Hello! I am Sonakshi Saxena and I have secured 189th rank in CSE - 2019.

In CSE preparation, it is extremely important to get proper guidance and I have been very fortunate to receive it from Nirvana IAS Academy. I would like to credit my success fully to them.

One thing that stands out here is how welcoming and personalised the atmosphere is. Sir is involved with each of us every step of the way, to guide and motivate us. Once we enter this Academy, we not only get instruction on how to prepare for the exam, but also get a support system for the entire process. Whether it is clarifying our doubts or giving us a pep talk, Sir is always there for us. This kind of support is really beneficial and keeps us going.

The teaching is very focused and targeted. Everything that is needed for the exam is covered in a simple and logical manner such that we never get overwhelmed. For both GS and Law optional, focus is on laying a strong foundation and covering relevant material which greatly helps in streamlining our preparation.

The classes are lively, interactive and discussion based. It's a pleasure to sit in them and learn new things everyday, both from the teacher as well as our peers. The discussions force us to think, analyse and understand issues which is highly beneficial all stages of the exam.

Overall, at Nirvana IAS Academy, we not only learn how to do well in the exam but also become a better version of ourselves in the process. I will always be grateful for everything I have learnt here.

I wish you all the best and hope that you achieve success in all your endeavors.

Thank you!