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The lithium-polymer differentiates itself from conventional battery systems in the type of electrolyte used.

Sustainable battery used for portable equipment from wireless communications to mobile computing was nickel-cadmium, for many years.

Urban Heat Island (UHI) refers to an area that is much warmer than the rural areas surrounding it. UHIs are created in areas that have lots of people and activity. The energy from from people, cars, buses etc create it.

Inter generational mobility is a good measure of a household’s progress. It refers to an improvement in social status from the previous generation.

The coastal zone is a transition area between marine and territorial zones.

One of the ways in which we can generate a tremendous amount of energy is through nuclear reactions.

The Amazon rainforest holds a massive amount of the world’s oxygen, is burning at a huge rate.

Drought is a complex and a natural hazard encroaching slowly with significant and pervasive socio-economic and environmental impacts. It is known to cause more deaths and displace more people than any other natural disaster.

The Keeling Curve is a graph that represents the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth’s atmosphere since 1958. The Keeling Curve is named after its creator, Dr. Charles David Keeling. 

Palm oil is in enormous demand. It is used in everything from cosmetics to food to soap. But it is hugely controversial as tropical rainforests are cleared to grow palm oil plantations.

Thousands of small scale to bigger industrial units very often dumps their toxic and hazardous waste, in open spaces and nearby water sources.

Humans are not-so-rational and often need encouragement or intervention — a nudge — to get going and do what’s best for the country or society at large.

Microplastics (particles of plastic less than 5 mm in size. Around 150 million tons of plastic litter has entered rivers and oceans worldwide,

Plastics have helped improving living standards, hygiene and nutrition around the world.

The term “shadow bank” was initially used to describe risky off-balance-sheet vehicles hatched by banks to sell loans repackaged as bonds.

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