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It is being reported that extreme rainfall events are increasing over India and widespread floods have increased threefold over the last several decades from an average of two events per year to six events per year. But the link between extreme rainfall events and rising incidence of floods remains tenuous.



MONOCROTOPHOS is a cheap pesticide used in agriculture, which helps plants look green and healthy. It is acutely toxic and has been linked to death of 23 school children in Bihar in 2013 and is recently blamed for the deaths of 14 devotees in a temple in Karnataka.

Traditional crops and new innovations are offering Himalayan region a way to deal with the challenges of climate change, but there is much work to be done for this to become a truly viable alternative.


Being luminescent, this new nanomaterial highlights fingerprints, which can be captured by UV lamps and then reconstructed.



A little bit of glyphosate is present in everyone’s body. According to WHO, it causes cancer. Countries have been struggling to ban or restrict its use. A new movement to ban it is gaining ground.

Fluoride and fluorosis in India

Have you traveled in rural India and seen children with stained teeth wondering how they could get tobacco-like stains at a young age? Have you seen adults in their mid-40s and 50s with bent shoulders complaining of extreme pain and being bed ridden for years? Or have you asked why the toothpaste adds fluoride whereas we hear of a disease called fluorosis in India caused by high fluoride?

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